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Below you can see frequently asked questions about MafiaControl. Is your question not here? Contact us!

What is MafiaControl?
With MafiaControl, you can create easily and without any technical knowledge, your own multiplayer online Mafia Game. Signup on the frontpage, choose a name for your game, and your own game is created immediately. You can play your game in the web browser of your computer, but also in the web browser of your mobile phone or tablet.
How can I earn money with my game?
The players in your game are able to buy a starters pack and buy diamonds, both with REAL money. Those will give the player in-game benefits and can be used to skip waiting times and more. You receive a percentage of the revenue for every purchase made in your game. The more diamonds you sell in your game, the higher your revenue percentage will be!
How can I play my game on mobile devices?
You can just play it in your webbrowser! Go to the URL of your game using your mobile browser and enjoy your own game! We suggest to use Google Chrome on Android Devices, and Safari on iOS devices.
Is MafiaControl free?
Yes! Creating your game on MafiaControl is 100% free! There is no need to pay anything, and you can immediately start earning money. However, you can purchase extensions for your game to improve it further and make your game more feature rich, so it is easier to earn more money.
What can I do with control coins?
You need control coins in order to purchase extensions for your game. You can buy extensions so your game gets more and more interesting. Also you're able to buy a real domain for your game with control coins. With a real domain it is possible your players can just go to www.mygame.com for example to play your game.
How can I get more players on my game?
To get a nice start boost, the first step is to invite your friends and family to the game. You can invite them by telling them the URL of your game, in real-life, by Facebook (private message), e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS or any chat application you wish. Also, it is possible to share your game by Facebook or Twitter. After your friends and family are playing your game, you could ask them to invite their family and friends as well.

Also you can buy ads for your game via one of the many advertising networks like Facebook, Google Adwords, CPMStar.com, Ad4game.com, etc.

Remember: Always be creative, maybe you have a great idea of how to promote your game and make it the most active game in the MafiaControl network?
Can I donate an unlimited amount of resources to the players of my game?
Unfortunately not. We've optimized and balanced your game in the best way we could do in terms of engagement and monetization, and donating unlimited amounts of resources it not always fair, especially if you donate them to "some" players.

However you're able to activate those extensions:
- (Mass) donate (cash - ammo)
- (Mass) donate (diamonds)

With those extensions activated you'll be able to supply your players with a limited amount of resources every 24 hours.
Are players still able to find my game after purchasing a real domain?
Of course, we'll take care of that! After you've purchased a domain, your old game URL, for example: http://mygame.mafiacontrol.com, will be forwarded automatically to your new registered domain URL, for example: http://www.mygame.com. This will ensure that your existing users are not lost.
Do I receive revenue share based on gross of net revenue?
Your revenue share percentage is based on net revenue. So if someone makes a payment in your game of £200, we first deduct fees from the payment provider and taxes.

So if for example £158 remains (net revenue) and your current revenue share is 35%, you'll receive £55.30.

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